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December 23, 2016

Scrappy holidays

Recent backtracking on Donald Trump’s bold infrastructure proposals highlight genuine concerns surrounding the true validity of his plans

So, it lasted around a month. After the initial shock of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in November’s presidential election, many in the P3 industry opted to look to the positives and embrace the controversial president-elect’s ambitious proposals to focus on developing the nation’s infrastructure.

Obviously, his claims to enact this plan alongside the private sector assisted many in the industry with their enthusiasm. But whatever your stance on how it should be done, there is little argument that addressing the US’s appallingly underinvested infrastructure is a major priority.

But, perhaps not for the Trump administration – despite the post-victory bluster.

This week, Trump and various key officials moved to dampen down their initial claims of the trillion-dollar infrastructure plan that played such a key part in his election campaign.

Instead, the government will look to focus on healthcare and tax reforms, which, in the latter case, will do little to dissuade those that feared Trump will simply utilize his lofty perch to aid his pals in Big Business.

Herein lies the issue with the Trump-as-president issue. While he talks a good game – at least with infrastructure anyway – whether he will actually act upon any of his plans is simply unknown.

After all, over his controversial campaign, he has made a host of big claims ranging from the practical to the highly questionable.

To many, there was a sense (or hope) that at least some of his more outlandish proposals may not see the light of day. But his infrastructure plans certainly fell into the more practical category, yet they have rapidly turned out to be something of a false dawn already.

Sources close to the market have questioned the validity of his proposals, with some experts claiming that the trillion-dollar plan was always misconceived due to it being based on tax credits that Congress would not pass anyway.

So, the sense of stepping into the unknown with Trump at the helm has never really been more prevalent as we close for the festive season. As 2017 gets underway we will still be wondering what he actually intends to do when he takes office.

But let’s be positive as we get ready for the holiday period. Trump has spoken in recent weeks of a “very large infrastructure bill” making an appearance at some point, so there is still hope on the horizon. And, after all, what is Christmas if it doesn’t come with hope and good will?

We at P3 Bulletin wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we look forward to resuming all the latest coverage from across the Americas region in 2017. Happy holidays.



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Scrappy holidays


Recent backtracking on Donald Trump’s bold infrastructure proposals highlight genuine concerns surrounding the true validity of his plans

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