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November 4, 2016

Schools of thought

The sheer level of activity coming from all levels of government in Colombia is an exciting sign for the market

If ever someone was searching for proof of the great strides being made in the Latin American P3 market, they would need to look no further than Colombia. P3 Bulletin has extensively covered the positive activity that has being going on in the country since the launch of its Fourth Generation of highway projects back in 2013. 

But these past few weeks – and this one in particular – have really seen the Colombian market solidify its place as a destination of genuine opportunity for investors. 

No stranger to serious political concerns, Colombia has made vast strides over the past 20 years as it has risen from the dark ages of civil and political war to become one of the world’s most impressive economic success stories. And this has now progressed beyond the much discussed 4G road program, which, as displayed this week, is now starting to attract the interest of the international investment community. 

But perhaps even more encouragingly, P3 Bulletin also recently revealed that the country is now set to expand its ambitious infrastructure plans by launching a series of school deals. Estimated to be valued at $1.3bn, the schools projects – likely to be bundled – would look to update a sizeable gap in the number and condition of schools. 

This is no small plan and shows admirable ambition from infrastructure agency ANI – an organization that is now highly regarded across the wider industry.

ANI now has a significant amount of potency and confidence will be running high after the success of 4G. It is encouraging to see the country move into the social sphere in such a definitive manner – but it will be down to the bodies involved to show that they can pull such an ambitious plan off. 

Either way, the Colombian market is now a varied melting pot of opportunity, with deals being procured at all levels of government across many regions. Alongside the schools programme, there are currently 13 roads, seven seaports, two airports and two railways in development or in procurement. One of these – the Conexión Pacifico Tres highway deal – was recently awarded at the P3 Awards in Las Vegas. 

So, if the country can maintain this momentum and deliver its new wave of deals with the same level of proficiency with which it procured its first, there are likely to be more awards on the horizon.


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Schools of thought


The sheer level of activity coming from all levels of government in Colombia is an exciting sign for the market

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