Project Information
Project name: USA: Port of Wilmington & Edgemoor brownfield facility P3
Project description:

The Diamond State Port Corporation (DSPC), a corporate entity of the State of Delaware, is seeking a private partner to improve, develop, finance and/or operate via long-term concession arrangements the existing Port of Wilmington, and the brownfield facility known as Edgemoor.

Also available for potential expansion as part of an integrated multi-modal transportation facility are two sites not owned by the DSPC: the greenfield facility known as Riveredge, and the industrial real estate site known as Boxwood.

DSPC is seeking interest from financiers, developers, operators and existing operating companies within the existing port community.

Any request for information regarding the P3 plans should be directed to the DSPC’s advisor, Seabury (now part of Accenture). 

A shortlist is expected May 31 and a winner is to be selected around September 30.

Related Headlines

16 March 2017 - RFQ for Delaware port P3

Type: PPP
Sector: Waste & water
Region: USA
Current status: Advertised
Public Sector Procuror Details
Public sector contact: Jonathan Montbach
Head of Seabury Maritime Finance

This page was last updated on:
16 March 2017.


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