Project Information
Project name: USA: Texas Tech University System childcare facility
Project description:

The for-profit, on-site facility will provide pre-Kindergarten childcare for faculty, staff and students of all the system’s campuses in Lubbock, Texas.  

Texas Tech expects that the contract will prioritize minimizing and ideally eliminating any balance sheet impact to the system.

March 10 is the deadline for proposals, with questions due by February 10, and a winner expected in May.

The system operates on more than 12 campuses, with 17,000 employees.

Related Headlines

30 January 2017 - RFP for Texas social P3

Type: PPP
Sector: Health
Region: USA
Current status: Advertised - 30/01/2017
Public Sector Procuror Details
Authority/Commssioning body: Texas Tech University System
Public sector contact: Teri Floyd
+1 (806) 742-3844

This page was last updated on:
30 January 2017.


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