Project Information
Project name: Canada: Residuals Treatment Facility P3
Project description:

The teams moving forward to the request for proposals stage are:

Harbour Resource Partners 

  • Aecom Capital/Aecom Canada
  • Graham Capital Partners/Graham Infrastructure
  • Suez Canada/Suez Water Environmental Services Canada 

Hartland Biosolids Partners 

  • Acciona Agua/Acciona Infrastructure Canada
  • Axium Infrastructure
  • Brookfield Financial Securities 

Hartland Resource Management Group

  • Bird Capital Limited Partnership/Bird Design-Build Construction
  • Maple Reinders Constructors/Maple Reinders PPP 
  • Synagro Technologies

The Capital Regional District (CRD) received seven bids to design, build, partially finance, operate and maintain the Residuals Treatment Facility over 20 years for the Wastewater Treatment Project. The project is being funded by P3 Canada, the government of British Columbia and the CRD.

Proponents will submit their technical proposals by early fall and the Wastewater Treatment Project Team expects to execute a contract and begin construction in early 2018. The Residuals Treatment Facility will be complete in late 2020.

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Type: PPP
Sector: Waste & water
Region: Canada
Current status: Shortlist - 11/04/2017
Public Sector Procuror Details
Authority/Commssioning body: Capital Regional District
Public sector contact: Partnerships BC
Keith Sun
Private Sector Shortlist
Consortium name: Harbour Resource Partners
Private sector shareholders: Aecom - Shareholders
Graham - Shareholders
Suez - Shareholders
Consortium name: Hartland Biosolids Partners
Private sector shareholders: Acciona Agua - Shareholders
Axium infrastructure - Shareholders
Brookfield Financial - Shareholders
Consortium name: Hartland Resource Management Group
Private sector shareholders: Bird Capital Group - Shareholders
Maple Reinders - Shareholders
Synagro Technologies - Shareholders

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11 April 2017.


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