Project Information
Project name: USA: Consolidated Rent-A-Car Center (ConRAC)
Project description:

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) selected four proposer teams to advance to the RFP stage of procurement for the LAX Rent-A-Car Center project. The teams are:

-CONRAC Partners (Meridiam, Skanska)

-LA Gateway Partners (Fengate Capital Mgmt, PCL Investments, MVI Finance LLC)

-LAX Consolidated Solutions (ACS Infrastructure Devel, AECOM Capital Inc, John Laing Investments)

-Plenary Infrastructure Airports (Plenary Group USA, JLC Infrastructure Fund)

The authority also received qualifications from Access LA (Macquarie Corporate Holdings Pty, EllisDon Capital)  and LAX Car Partners (Acciona Concesiones, Star America Infra. Fund LP & Star America Infra. Affiliates LP, Axium Infra. US Inc, Charles Pankow Builders)

The Project is defined as the design, construction, financing, operations and maintenance of the ConRAC contemplated at LAX. The ConRAC is currently contemplated to include a Customer Service Building, access to an APM station and employee and visitor parking areas. 

The ConRAC will accommodate three levels of ready/return, quick turn-around and vehicle storage for rental cars and a ground level bus plaza (for potential interim/failure management shuttle bus operations) with a vertical transportation core providing access to the Customer Service Building. 

The ConRAC is contemplating the inclusion of a solar photo-voltaic system on the top floor of the Ready/Return Area and Vehicle Storage Area buildings. The project scope could include certain new roadways that provide access to, and egress from, the ConRAC, as well as certain improvements to the existing perimeter roadways adjacent to the site.

Related Headlines

11 May 2017 - LAWA appoints LAX project manager 

2 December 2016 - Los Angeles tenders ConRAC P3

Type: PPP
Sector: Other
Region: USA
Current status: Shortlist - 02/12/2016
Public Sector Procuror Details
Authority/Commssioning body: Los Angeles World Airports
Public sector contact: Airports, Los Angeles World
Private Sector Shortlist
Consortium name: LA Gateway Partners
Private sector shareholders: Fengate Capital Management Ltd. - Shareholders
PCL Constructors - Shareholders
MVI Finance - Shareholders
Consortium name: LAX Consolidated Solutions
Private sector shareholders: ACS Infrastructure - Shareholders
Aecom - Shareholders
John Laing - Shareholders
Consortium name: Plenary Infrastructure Airports
Private sector shareholders: Plenary Group - Shareholders
JLC Infrastructure Fund - Shareholders
Consortium name: CONRAC Partners
Private sector shareholders: Meridiam - Shareholders
Skanska - Shareholders

This page was last updated on:
11 May 2017.


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