Project Information
Project name: Canada: Canadore College P3
Project description:

Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology has invited two firms to submit proposals. Proposals are due from pre-qualified bidders, Balfour Beatty Investments and Lark Enterprises.

Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology is looking for partners to design, finance, build and operate the residential components of The Village Living Wellness and Learning Centre. 

The Canadian government, Ontario and Canadore will provide respectively $5.63m, $800,000 and $6.1m for this project.

Upon completion, Canadore will include the School of Health, Human Care and Wellness, Student Success and Support Services.

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Type: PPP
Sector: Education
Region: Canada
Current status: Shortlist - 29/03/2017
Public Sector Procuror Details
Authority/Commssioning body: Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology
Public sector contact: Ashley Watkins
100 College Drive
PO Box 5001
North Bay, ON, Canada
P1B 8K9
Phone (705)474-7600x5562
Fax (705)474-2384
Private Sector Shortlist
Consortium name: Balfour Beatty Investments
Private sector shareholders: Balfour Beatty - Shareholders
Consortium name: Lark Enterprises
Private sector shareholders: Lark Group - Shareholders

This page was last updated on:
29 March 2017.


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