Project Information
Project name: Mexico: Transmission lines P3
Project description:

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is looking for legal, technical and financial advisors to structure and implement the new 600km transmission line that will connect with Mexico City.  

The role of the legal advisor will be to provide legal and commercial advice and prepare the bidding documents. Tasks for the technical advisor will involve reviewing the existing technical studies and carrying out all complementary studies required to complete the due diligence.

The financial advisor will design and prepare the financial transactions and also support the legal advisors. Under the plans, the project involves the construction and operation of a 600km transmission line with a +/- 500kV 3,000 MW bipolar HVDC power line. Secondary lines will connect the main line with Mexico City.   

Companies will be required to demonstrate their experience in the Latin-American market.  Parties interested have until January 25 to submit their expressions of interest.

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19 January 2016 - Mexico planning transmission P3

8 December 2016 - Mexican transmission P3 advisory tender cancelled 

Type: PPP
Sector: Energy
Region: Central & South America
Current status: Abandoned - 08/12/2016
Public Sector Procuror Details
Authority/Commssioning body: International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Public sector contact: Bernard Sheahan
Director, Infrastructure
Tel: +202 473 9503

This page was last updated on:
8 December 2016.


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