Virginia civic P3 plans emerge

16 June 2017 Exclusive: Discussions are underway between a Virginian county and its advisor on how P3 could be used to develop new civic facilities including a courthouse, P3 Bulletin understands

Albemarle County has confirmed staff are in discussions with newly appointed advisor Stantec on how to deliver court facilities with P3. They are still developing the final details of the scope of work, and hope to have that done and the assessment of the project underway in the next several weeks. 

Stantec was awarded a contract to provide real estate development advisory services to help the county explore partnership possibilities that deliver the most cost-efficient economic benefit to residents while preserving accessible court facilities by relocating either court facilities or county administration offices or both to an urban area in the county.

The county’s Board of Supervisors are exploring a number of different options, one of which is to relocate several of the courts together to a new location outside of their current location in the city of Charlottesville.  

Jeffrey Simon, a senior principal with Stantec, told P3 Bulletin that the first task is to look at whether this option would improve the operation of the courts, including the convenience for the public, and whether by relocating the courts, sufficient economic activity would be created to interest a private real estate developer in participating in a P3 to accomplish this goal and to create a new urban center of activity.   

This week Stantec presented the board with a discussion of a number of different structures that P3s can take.  Simon said they are meeting county staff in the next few days to finalize the agreement on the final scope of work.  They will then proceed to look at a Small Area Plan, (a planning exercise for one potential location) and move into information gathering as a preliminary step.

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18 January 2018.


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