IFM in for OHL Mexico

16 June 2017 IFM Investors’ Global Infrastructure Fund (IFM GIF) and contractor OHL Concessions have launched a joint tender offer for OHL Mexico stock.

The two companies aim to acquire 100% of the free float of OHL Mexico at $1.49 (MXN 27.00) per share. The move will be undertaken through the corporate vehicle Magenta Infrastructure (Magenta) currently owned by OHL.    

OHL Mexico's free float is 41.99% with a treasury stock of 1.15%, of which a 56.86% is owned by OHL Concessions.    

IFM GIF will contribute to Magenta, through a capital increase, all the funds necessary for the cash settlement of the takeover bid. It will also involve a $447m (€400m) loan from IFM.   

OHL Mexico has until July 19 to accept the offer, which is subject to acceptance that OHL Concessions’ share in the firm will rise to 95% of its capital stock.  

The Mexican National Banking and Securities Commission has approved the cash tender offer.

This page was last updated on:
19 January 2018.


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