Interest builds for Kentucky P3

13 June 2017 The Kentucky government has received strong interest in the civic P3 in Frankfort ahead of pre-bid conference.

The Finance and Administration Cabinet will host a pre-bid meeting tomorrow for the Capital Plaza Tower Complex Redevelopment project, with major P3 developers eyeing the deal.

Responses were submitted by 40 firms including Walsh, Edgemoor, Fengate, Shikun & Binui, Citigroup, Star America, Provident Resources, Frost Brown Todd and several other Kentucky-based firms.

Bids are due by August 25 with a shortlist of three to be notified on September 1.  A winner is expected in November.

Kentucky is seeking a developer to finance, design, develop, construct, lease-back, and maintain an office building accommodating 1,500 employees (minimum 385,500gsf) on state-owned property located on Mero Street, Frankfort.

The developer will also enter into a “business relationship” with the government to redevelop the Capital Plaza Tower Office Building, Fountain Place Shops, Frankfort Convention Center, and surrounding areas in downtown Frankfort.

For more information and contact details, click here.

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18 January 2018.


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