Trump targets rural projects

7 June 2017 President Donald Trump has highlighted key federal support for rural and water projects as part of a recent speech held on infrastructure in Cincinatti, Ohio.

Although details remain light on his wider plans to include P3s as part of his $1trn infrastructure plans, he once again stressed the need for federal support in rural America.

"We are pleased to be joined today by representatives from many industries that depend on a truly critcial component of our nation's infrastructure - the 12,000 miles of inland waterways," he said.

"I want to salute you for the work you have done, but more importantly, for the work you are about to do. These citizens know first hand that these rivers carry the life blood of our heartland."

His words were backed by Minister of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, who earlier in the afternoon welcomed the support for rural projects.

"President Trump has shown that his administration believes that rural American needs a seat at the table as well," he said.

Expected additional details on the wider proposals failed to materialze during the speech however, despite Trump once again vowing to partner with the private sector for wider infrastructure development.

The president said that his adminstration would remove regulation and other hindrances to speed up the procurement process for new deals. 

"Our infrastructure program will be based on forging new partnerships and demanding new accountability for every federal tax payer dollar," he said. 

"Under this vision, we will drastically reduce burdonsome regulation. We will massively streamline the approval and permitting process.
"Already my administration has expodited environmental reviews and critical energy projects all across the country."

This page was last updated on:
18 January 2018.


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