Parsons names concessions head

18 May 2017 Engineering firm Parsons has named its new president of the company’s concessions business.

The firm has appointed Ruth McMorrow as president of Parsons Enterprises, where she will oversee a wide range of project financing, as well as mergers and acquisitions. 

She will also continue in her previous role overseeing P3s and will report to Virginia Grebbien, corporate executive vice president and chief of staff.

McMorrow has more than 35 years of investment banking and capital financing experience. Prior to joining Parsons in 2011 as executive vice president of Parsons Enterprises, she was the managing director for Scotia Capital, Global Infrastructure Finance International, where she spearheaded the bank’s global infrastructure expansion into the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

In addition to her experience at Scotia Bank, McMorrow has held numerous positions in the investment banking, securities, and capital funding arenas.

This page was last updated on:
24 November 2017.


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