Kansas signs MOU for airport deal

12 May 2017 Kansas city has signed a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a private firm to oversee the development of a new single-terminal project at its International Airport.

City Mayor Sly James today confirmed that a proposal has been agreed with engineering firm Burns & McDonnell, which would see the company oversee construction and financing of the terminal.

Under the plans, the firm would also act as general contractor, as well as hiring vendors to do all the jobs associated with building the new terminal.

The MOU will now go to the city council for consideration before a series of public hearings are held.

"This proposal takes zero money from the city, has no tax increase for citizens and adds not a penny of debt to the city's debt level 

They will raise the capital, they will raise the debt, leaving no risk and that is why this deal is being vetted now," James said in a news conference.

James added that the MOU is not a final deal and that the firm will continue to carry out due diligence before the council and public have their say.  

This page was last updated on:
24 November 2017.


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