Texas transport P3 bill rejected

9 May 2017 Industry experts have expressed concern surrounding the recent rejection in the Texas House of Representatives of a bill to support new transportation P3s.

Following the decision, experts have warned of the detrimental effect it could have on the state's transportation needs, as well as on how the model is viewed by other governments within Texas.

Last week, the House decided not to pass HB2861, which would have allowed the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and/or regional mobility authority to partner with the private sector to develop toll road plans, valued at up to $30bn. 

"I see this as extremely detrimental to the state of Texas," Mary Scott Nabers, president/CEO of Strategic Partnerships told P3 Bulletin.  

"The legislature has tied the hands of regional mobility authorities where regional leaders have been successfully addressing transportation projects that have languished for entirely too long."  

Other sources added that the state's inability to procure availability payment deals now leaves the state hard pushed to harness P3 financing for toll roads should President Donald Trump - as expected - provide support for such deals in his infrastructure plan.

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24 November 2017.


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