Mexico receives unsolicited health bids

21 April 2017 Mexico’s public health authority IMSS has received four unsolicited proposals to deliver new hospitals.

Plans involve Tapachula Hospital, with an unsolicited proposal from Mexican firm Marhnos. Proposals are due next week for that potential project.

The other projects are:
Garcia Hospital proposal from Assignia
Bahia de Banderas Hospital proposal from Sacyr
Tepotzotlan Hospital proposal from Acciona

"With the help of Currie & Brown, contractual frameworks have been put in place and have been widely well received for all four projects. The contracts differ slightly between projects," explained Oscar Santiago, head of coordination for special projects at IMSS.

Private contractors will provide 50% of the capital risk, of which at least an 80% should be covered through the pre-approved credit of the bank.

With a total of 845 beds to be provided, firms will design, build, finance, operate and maintain the facilities under a 25-year concession.


This page was last updated on:
12 December 2017.


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