Bogota plans $535m hospital P3s

21 April 2017 The city of Bogota is planning the construction of six new hospitals in the city.

To be delivered in two phases, the first scheme includes three new hospitals running under a P3 model, including infrastructure and biomedical equipment.

The second scheme involves the demolition of the current facilities with the new P3 contract including clinical health services.

The hospital involved are:
Hospital de Bosa
Hospital de La Felicidad
Hospital Usme
New Hospital Simón Bolivar
New Hospital Santa Clara
New Instituto Materno Infantil

It is currently planned that projects will be launched as separate contracts, but some may be bundled if necessary.

The contracts will run for between 20 and 30-years and the whole scheme is expected to cost $535m (COP 1.7trl).

At the moment there is no set contractual framework in place, although this is currently being worked on.

The authority FDN will submit feasibility studies by December. An initial request for proposals will be launched in February 2018 with construction expected to be completed by 2021.


This page was last updated on:
12 December 2017.


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