Guatemala retenders airport mandate

21 April 2017 Public authority Anadie is seeking an adviser to deliver feasibility studies for the expand La Aurora airport.

Previously tendered in October 2016, the “Modernización, Eficiencia y Seguridad del Aeropuerto Internacional La Aurora de la Ciudad de Guatemala” mandate has been retendered after modifying the contract basis.  

“The first tender was cancelled because some aspects in the bidding rules were not clear enough. These points were clarified and the basis strengthened,” a spokesperson for Anadie told P3 Bulletin.

Teams that submitted interest for the previous tender were:    

  • ALG and AFI Group 
  • Cemosa, Profit, Duran y Osorio 
  • PWC and Consorcio de Ingenieros (CSI) 
  • Nathan Asociados  
  • Felipe Ochoa y Asociados, Louis Berger and Ríos Ferrer 
  • Copenhagen Airport and Arena de Dinamarca 
  • Deloitte 
  • INECO and Cal y Mayor y  Asociados   

Services to be provided include delivering a feasibility study for the evaluation and structuring of the airport project. Worth $200m, La Aurora will be partly financed by the US government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation.      

Parties now have until May 5 to submit proposals. 

For more details, click here

This page was last updated on:
11 December 2017.


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