Illinois hires new P3 chief

20 April 2017 The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has hired a new chief for the Bureau of Innovative Project Delivery.

Sam Beydoun is the former acting deputy director for the Office of Public-Private Partnerships at the Virginia Department of Transportation.

The bureau chief is responsible for developing and managing the innovative project delivery program by implementing and expediting transportation projects through innovative methods of delivery, including partnering with the private sector on both technical and financial aspects.

Beydoun will begin working on several projects in Illinois which utilize non-traditional, innovative financing methods and working on legislation and implementation of a design-build program. He will cover all methods of innovative project delivery, including P3s, design-build, CMGC and ATCs.

Last week, the Bureau of Innovative Project Delivery announced it will only have one-on-one meetings with respondents to the South Suburban Airport RFI and not hold a respondents forum.

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12 December 2017.


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