RFI imminent for USBR projects

11 April 2017 The Department of Interiorís Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) confirms date for industry forum; request for information (RFI) for various potential P3s to be issued imminently

P3 Bulletin can reveal that the USBR will publish the RFI for a series of projects in mid-April, when it will seek to engage with the private sector to explore opportunities to leverage alternative finance and delivery models.

The USBR will hold the industry forum on May 9 in Denver, Colorado, to review a number of projects under consideration for potential delivery under P3 arrangements.

The forum is designed to present a representative portfolio of potential projects that have been identified and seek interested parties’ insights.

In February, Jill Jamieson, managing director at advisory firm JLL, which is acting as advisor for the program, announced at the P3C conference in Dallas that the proposals were in planning.

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13 December 2017.


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