VDOT meets 11 for I-64

10 April 2017 Eleven developers have met with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission (HRTAC) to discuss potential bids for the I-64 Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Expansion Project.

ACS/Dragados; Bouygues; Cintra/Ferrovial; Condotte America; John Laing; Macquarie; Meridiam; Salini/Lane/SA Healy; Skanska; Transurban; and Vinci are the 11 potential bidders that have held one-on-one meetings with the authorities regarding the project.

The meetings brought the authority a step closer to identifying the best procurement and delivery method for the project to improve the I-64 corridor between I-664 in Hampton and I-564 in Norfolk, so as to provide a consistent six-lane capacity throughout the corridor.

VDOT and HRTAC expect to release requests for qualifications (RFQ) in the fall for the project, which may be suitable for a DBFOM model.

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This page was last updated on:
12 December 2017.


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