New Year's Evolution

22 February 2017 With a new year in the enigmatic US P3 industry now underway, Dan Colombini speaks to some leading private sector experts for their wishlist to unlock the P3 genie in 2017

All in all, 2016 can be looked upon as a pretty healthy year for the US P3 market. After the instability of 2015, last year saw something of a recovery, with key deals such as the Purple Line and LaGuardia finally reaching close. The industry now has a pipeline of closed deals to build upon, alongside the new major projects, such as the LAX Automated People Mover P3, which are spearheading the market.

Wholesale changes were also made over the course of the year to the federal support mechanisms for P3s, meaning the industry now has reason to look back on 2016 with a degree of satisfaction.

What happens in 2017 remains to be seen, however. One thing that is never far from the forefront of the US market is political instability, and that is now the position that the whole country finds itself in under the controversial leadership of President Donald Trump.

So far, Trump has spoken a good game when it comes to infrastructure, with the sector playing a key role in his election campaign and being mentioned in his inauguration speech in January.

At this stage, we know that he is proposing a $1trn program that will overhaul the country’s infrastructure supposedly using P3s and tax breaks for private companies. But actual details are thin on the ground.

Vice-president Mike Pence has stressed that at some stage there will be a “big” infrastructure bill, although what that may include remains somewhat unclear.

As a result, P3 Bulletin has spoken to some of the key players in the US market to find out what they would like to see, not just from the Trump administration, but from further afield if the country is to finally deliver on the promises to drag its infrastructure into the 21st century.

Click on the PDF link below to read the experts’ views.

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21 April 2017.


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