Puerto Rico launches new P3 program

BREAKING NEWS: Government makes key changes to P3 laws; unsolicited proposals now accepted; new projects announced imminentlyRead more

In Depth

A Decent Proposal

22 February 2017 - With a growing list of US public sector agencies championing the use of unsolicited proposals, Dan Colombini reports on their rise in popularity across the region – and why they have failed to take off in Canada Read more...

New Year’s Evolution

22 February 2017 - With a new year in the enigmatic US P3 industry now underway, Dan Colombini speaks to some leading private sector experts for their wishlist to unlock the P3 genie in 2017 Read more...

False Start

22 February 2017 - Mexico’s infrastructure plans have not lived up to the hype of 2014. Marina Formoso asks what happened, and finds that while optimism remains, planning issues are proving a big obstacle Read more...

P3 Awards 2016

12 December 2016 - The bright lights of Las Vegas played host to this year’s P3 Awards, as the cream of the industry gathered at the Cosmopolitan Hotel to celebrate another successful year for the Americas market. To see all the winners, click on the PDF link below. Read more...

Vegas or Bust

12 December 2016 - The inaugural P3 Hub Americas conference showed that three leading regions for P3 have very different approaches but a similar commitment to advancing the model. Amanda Nicholls reports Read more...

Latest News

Jamaica retenders airport P3

22 February 2017 - The Government of Jamaica has reissued requests for qualification for the Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA).Read more...

PPP Canada issues advisory RFP

22 February 2017 - PPP Canada has issued a request for proposals for financial advisory services for an in-procurement light rail transit (LRT) project.Read more...

NC broadband P3 bill progresses

22 February 2017 - A bill has progressed in the North Carolina legislature that will allow the delivery of new rural broadband infrastructure under the P3 model.Read more...

Gl Hub to conduct P3 study

21 February 2017 - The Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) is seeking a firm to develop practical reference guidelines for concession management of P3 projectsRead more...

UN considers SDG financing issues

21 February 2017 - The United Nations Headquarters will host a high-level event to examine ways to leverage private and public financing for development, including P3s.Read more...

Louisiana considers DBFOM for road

21 February 2017 - The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD) has confirmed design-build-finance-operate-maintain (DBFOM) may be considered for the I-10 Capital Corridor Improvements project.Read more...


Safe hands

If the market is looking for a pointer as to where the US federal government is heading, the latest infrastructure appointments are a positive sign


Playing Catch-up

The new head of Guatemala’s P3 agency knows the country has to be credible for international players to invest. Roberto José Sagastume Flores looks to bridge that divide


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Project Tracker

Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
4 January 2017 Uruguay: School P3 plan Advertised $57.00m
12 December 2016 USA: Ohio University Ridges P3 Advertised
14 November 2016 Canada: Winnipeg student accommodation P3 Advertised
10 November 2016 Canada: Canadore College P3 Advertised
4 October 2016 USA: Texas State University STAR Park P3 Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
14 February 2017 Peru: Mantaro-Nueva Yanango-Carapongo transmission lines P3 Advertised $568.20m
10 February 2017 USA: University of Massachusetts district energy facility In Planning
8 December 2016 Mexico: Transmission lines P3 Abandoned
1 December 2016 Canada: Energy Services Acquisitions Program In Planning $1.98m
13 June 2016 Mexico: Texas-Tuxpan P3 gas pipeline Preferred Bidder
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
3 February 2017 Canada: West Park Healthcare Centre Development Project Shortlist
30 January 2017 USA: Texas Tech University System childcare facility Advertised
25 January 2017 Canada: CAMH Phase 1C redevelopment P3 Preferred Bidder
25 January 2017 Canada: QEII Redevelopment Project In Planning
4 November 2016 Canada: Toronto Michael Garron Hospital P3 Shortlist
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
22 February 2017 Jamaica: Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) Advertised
9 December 2016 USA: Kentucky mixed use development Advertised
2 December 2016 USA: LAX Rent-A-Car Center Advertised
2 December 2016 Canada: Kipling Bus Terminal Project Advertised
13 October 2015 CANADA: BC Site C Accommodation P3 Project Signed
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
20 February 2017 Peru: Tintaya-Azangaro transmission line PPP Advertised $58.90m
17 February 2017 Canada: Highway 401 Rail Tunnel P3 Shortlist
14 February 2017 Canada: Gordie Howe International Bridge project Shortlist $4.00bn
7 February 2017 USA: Metropolitan Highway System Lighting Project Advertised
31 January 2017 USA: Louisiana I-10 Capital Corridor Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
17 February 2017 Canada: New Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Plant Shortlist $620.00m
31 January 2017 Canada: Hamilton Biosolids P3 Preferred Bidder
25 January 2017 Cayman Islands: Integrated Solid Waste Management System (ISWMS) Advertised $538.00m
23 January 2017 USA: LA Satellite Water Reclamation Facility Advertised
6 December 2016 Canada: CRD Residuals Waste Treatment Facility Advertised