Advisors selected for Penn broadband P3

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has awarded contracts for financial and legal advisory services in support of the broadband network P3Read more

In Depth

Backing the winner

15 July 2016 - Federal support for P3s in the US is reaching new heights. Dan Colombini reports on the progress being made as the feds seek to enhance the landscape for deals, with a National Infrastructure Bank gaining support Read more...

Midwestern Values

15 July 2016 - The second annual P3 Hub Midwest in Minneapolis confirmed that momentum is building in the region to address the infrastructure deficit through P3. David Keniry reports Read more...

“We Are in a Moment of Change”

15 July 2016 - Brazil’s ongoing political turmoil has not stopped progress in its infrastructure plans, with states again stepping up to the plate, reports Marina Formoso Read more...

Statewatch – Arizona

15 July 2016 - With new deals on the horizon and advisors in place, Dan Colombini reports on how Arizona’s P3 potential is now becoming a reality Read more...

Spreading the News

1 June 2016 - New York is showing signs of an exciting pipeline despite a lack of dedicated legislation. Dan Colombini reports on how the Empire State has harnessed its P3 potential Read more...

Latest News

Two in for Mexico broadband

21 October 2016 - The Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) has received technical and economic proposals from two consortiums for its broadband P3 project.Read more...

Two in for Magdalena River P3

21 October 2016 - Firms from Spain and Mexico have expressed interest in the Colombian P3 project to recover the navigability of the Magdalena River.Read more...

US Defense Dept to expand P3s

20 October 2016 - The US Department of Defense is planning to take its experience of P3s in the military housing sector into new areas.Read more...

Texas uni seeks P3 advisors

20 October 2016 - A Texan university is seeking advisory services to implement its housing P3.Read more...

FC for Colombian road P3

20 October 2016 - The concessionaire Unión del Sur has reached financial close on the Rumichaca – Pasto road P3.Read more...

INDOT confirms I-69 delay

20 October 2016 - The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has confirmed that work on the I-69 Section 5 project has been delayed until next year.Read more...

DC OP3 procurement rules approved

20 October 2016 - The new procurement rules for the DC Office of Public-Private Partnerships (OP3) have now been approved.Read more...

Cintra appoints US president

19 October 2016 - Developer Cintra has appointed a new US president.Read more...


Over to you

The time has come for the market to put the new-found public sector appetite for US P3s to the test


Halff the World Away

Former Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) P3 stalwart Russell Zapalac, now of Halff Associates, tells Dan Colombini about his views on the state’s shifting sands and his own switch to the private sector


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Project Tracker

Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
4 October 2016 USA: Texas State University STAR Park P3 Advertised
28 September 2016 USA: Wayne State University P3 Preferred Bidder
28 September 2016 USA: Texas Woman’s University P3 Advertised
14 September 2016 USA: SUNY Stony Brook University P3 Advertised
2 September 2016 Canada: Winnipeg student accommodation P3 Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
25 April 2016 Mexico: Empalme Gas Pipeline Branch P3 Advertised
12 April 2016 USA: Southern Connecticut State University solar P3 Advertised
20 January 2016 Peru: San Gaban Hydroelectric plant Project Signed
19 January 2016 Mexico: Transmission lines P3 In Planning
14 January 2016 Ecuador: Cardenillo power plant P3 In Planning
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
22 March 2016 Canada: Etobicoke General Hospital Redevelopment Phase 1 Preferred Bidder
13 January 2016 Canada: Mount Sinai Hospital Phase 3A Redevelopment Project Shortlist
15 December 2015 Canada: Ontario Brockville General Hospital Shortlist
20 November 2015 CANADA: St Thomas Elgin General Hospital P3 Project Signed
2 October 2015 Canada: Stanton Territorial Hospital Renewal Initiative Project Signed $300.00m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
13 October 2015 CANADA: BC Site C Accommodation P3 Project Signed
28 August 2015 Colombia: Medellin city center regeneration P3 In Planning
30 July 2015 USA: Joplin housing P3 Advertised
3 June 2015 Canada: Southeast College Affordable Housing Project Advertised
3 October 2014 BRAZIL: Sao Paulo State housing PPP Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
12 October 2016 COLOMBIA: Bucaramanga-Barrancabermeja-Yondó highway Project Signed $595.00million
5 October 2016 Canada: British Columbia George Massey P3 Shortlist
5 October 2016 USA: Middletown Train Station P3 Advertised
28 September 2016 USA: Newark Delaware parking P3 Advertised
28 September 2016 Colombia: Santander de Quilichao-Popayan highway P3 Project Signed
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
19 October 2016 USA: Fargo-Moorhead Area Diversion Project Shortlist $1.80bn
21 September 2016 Brazil: Vila Velha wastewater P3 Advertised
6 September 2016 Canada: Valcartier plume management P3 Advertised
15 April 2016 Peru: Titicaca Lake wastewater PPP In Planning
18 January 2016 USA: Santa Clara Valley Water District P3 Advertised $800.00m