Atkins board agrees to acquisition

The board of UK engineering giant WS Atkins has agreed terms of a cash acquisition by Canada’s SNC-Lavalin.Read more

In Depth

The Second Act

18 April 2017 - With all the talk of President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plans dominating the headlines, Dan Colombini takes a look at how the Performance-Based Building Coalition’s work may end up being the driver for real P3 growth in the coming years Read more...


18 April 2017 - Puerto Rico is ready to make a comeback after several years of pain. Marina Formoso reports that P3s are a central part of its plans for prosperity, but asks whether the private sector is ready to lend a hand Read more...

Planning for Success

18 April 2017 - One of the biggest barriers to success in P3 projects has often been a lack of sufficient planning. Marina Formoso discusses how these issues can be resolved with a group of experts from across Latin America Read more...

Built to Last?

18 April 2017 - P3 deals are meant to be partnerships for the long-term. Our survey raises some interesting questions Read more...

Latest News

Guatemala retenders airport mandate

21 April 2017 - Public authority Anadie is seeking an adviser to deliver feasibility studies for the expand La Aurora airport.Read more...

Arcadis confirms CEO nomination

21 April 2017 - Consultancy Arcadis has confirmed its intention to nominate its new chief executive at next week’s annual general meeting.Read more...

Bogota plans $535m hospital P3s

21 April 2017 - The city of Bogota is planning the construction of six new hospitals in the city.Read more...

Mexico receives unsolicited health bids

21 April 2017 - Mexico’s public health authority IMSS has received four unsolicited proposals to deliver new hospitals.Read more...

Deadline altered for LA Smartport

21 April 2017 - The Port of Los Angeles has amended the response date for the request for information process for the Smartport wireless network, as mayor reveals Budget.Read more...

TranSystems appoints P3 advisory lead

21 April 2017 - Engineering consultancy TranSystems has appointed a new vice president and leader of its P3 advisory services.Read more...

RFP for Florida regen P3

21 April 2017 - A Floridian municipality has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for a 24-acre mixed used development P3.Read more...


Central parts

The Bureau of Reclamation’s (USBR) imminent request for information shows that the federal agencies are keen to harness private investment in their infrastructure

Keeping it Real

JLL managing director Jill Jamieson speaks to Dan Colombini about the firm’s move into P3s and the ongoing challenges at federal level


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Project Tracker

Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
12 April 2017 Uruguay: schools P3 In Planning
10 April 2017 USA: Ohio State University energy P3 Preferred Bidder
4 April 2017 USA: Howard University East Campus Redevelopment project Advertised
29 March 2017 Canada: Canadore College P3 Shortlist
23 March 2017 USA: University of Texas student accommodation Project Signed $67.00m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
14 February 2017 Peru: Mantaro-Nueva Yanango-Carapongo transmission lines P3 Advertised $568.20m
10 February 2017 USA: University of Massachusetts district energy facility In Planning
8 December 2016 Mexico: Transmission lines P3 Abandoned
1 December 2016 Canada: Energy Services Acquisitions Program In Planning $1.98m
13 September 2016 Peru: Montalvo-Los Heroes transmission line Project Signed $40.00m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
2 March 2017 Canada: CAMH Phase 1C redevelopment P3 Project Signed $685.00m
3 February 2017 Canada: West Park Healthcare Centre Development Project Shortlist
30 January 2017 USA: Texas Tech University System childcare facility Advertised
25 January 2017 Canada: QEII Redevelopment Project In Planning
4 November 2016 Canada: Toronto Michael Garron Hospital P3 Shortlist
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
21 April 2017 USA: Florida Davie development Advertised
6 April 2017 Brazil: Sao Paulo housing P3 Advertised $691.80m
4 April 2017 Canada: Kipling Bus Terminal Project Shortlist
22 February 2017 Jamaica: Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) Advertised
9 December 2016 USA: Kentucky mixed use development Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
20 April 2017 Colombia: Pamplona - Cucuta road P3 Preferred Bidder $514.00m
13 April 2017 Chile: Concesion Vial Rutas del Loa Advertised $273.00m
10 April 2017 USA: I-64 Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Expansion Project In Planning
10 April 2017 Mexico: Piramides to Pachuca road P3 Advertised
10 April 2017 Mexico: Texcoco to Zacatepec road P3 Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
20 April 2017 Canada: McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Signed $272.00m
11 April 2017 Canada: Residuals Treatment Facility P3 Shortlist
23 March 2017 Mexico: Playas de Rosarito desalination plant Project Signed $490.00bn
16 March 2017 USA: Port of Wilmington & Edgemoor brownfield facility P3 Advertised
14 March 2017 Canada: Niagara waterfront development Advertised